Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Team Mabilis = Team Fast

Haven't really put up a design in awhile since i haven't really put anything on a shirt.. but now this has come along.  I have finally transfered a design to a shirt and it might not have come out that great(i think i bought the wrong paper) but it is my first time on my own Heat Transfer Machine and hopefully i can get a new set of paper for the light shirts..

My next step into owning this business..hopefully it can become greater from this point on..

Thought of the Day: will need to start thinking of new designs and finish designs i have on the shelf.. things to do.. things to do..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2 new designs for my brother for their 5 borough bike ride

wife is finally here.. that's why the design has been nonexistent.. first time in the US so showing her around.. and started a part time job so no free time as of late to take care of the store.  still trying to save some money for the paper and shirt to begin the design.. new designs have been done but still waiting for approval..

finally am happy.. though i hate my job since it's my old one i left but still.. just need it to finance the store for now.. still can't complain.. cuz the wife is finally here.. life is good..

Thought of the day: can't say it enough.. Life is Good!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

one of the few upcoming designs as soon as i can get some money to open the new store :D

been busy trying to get a job so design has been lacking as of late.. but it's picking up again.. couple clients are on hold .. designs are done just waiting for approval from them and money to get shirts and paper to start printing 'em out.. still need some funds since am running low on it.. 

on another note though.. my wife is finally coming after a year of petitioning her.  Monday is the day.. two more nights of sleep and i can begin my life anew..

Thought of the Day: situations always have silver linings am just having trouble finding one right now :(

Saturday, February 18, 2012

revamped website check it out

Been wanting to revamp the website for a while but really didn't know how until now...when i got my hackintosh i purchased iLife with iWeb in it.. iWeb is basically cut and paste but still has some bugs in it.. so it's easy to get a simple website up(which i've always wanted) but still hard to get some things published especially when you put a space in the file name of photos(had to redo a page because of it hehe).. 

on  another note.. bought myself a heat transfer press for the business..coming this week.. and now looking into getting heat transfer paper...start printing my own shirts.. so i can charge however much i want(cheaper than cafepress.. i hope i can make money on it) and do the shirt the way i want it.. not just front and back...but little add on sleeves and stuff...

Business is moving but not fast enough i guess hehe.. but its truly what i put it in.. am really not pressing the pedal to the max.. hopefully i can soon.. 

Thought of the day: Still looking for that elusive Job and wifey will be with me soon yay!

Friday, February 10, 2012

still updating the site.. it's pretty much done but still looking for a hosting site... everything costs money for some odd reason.. heheehe.. 

still waiting for some money for the heat press that i need.. going to cost about 300 bones.. but i think it'll be worth it at the end.. 

still looking for a job so i can finance this business.. so many things i want to do.. just need to start drawing again.. i have designs i need to start.. 

Thought of the day: I NEED A JOOOBBBB!! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

in honor of the NY Giants.. Filipino style..

So i'm still unemployed for almost a year and half now.. and still plugging away.  Still collecting so i can still pay for my bills but also still looking since i can't live like this.   It's still tough out there but am managing.  Been upgrading my computer.. went the MAC way.. only cost about 400+ to be able to run OSX Lion on this machine of PC parts.  My first ever build and it's a strong machine.  Upgraded because i want to take the next step in my business since i think i should printing the shirts and not paying cafepress to print out the shirts for me.  I could go into my problems with cafepress but that's on a previous blog.  I actually love what cafepress has done for me but i think i need to move on.  Take charge of my own stuff.  The only thing stopping me is truly money.. saving up for stuff i do need.  I was just going the normal iron route but i think i really do need the heat press to evenly press the image on the shirt so it shouldn't come off easily.  Still making excuses but am trying to avoid that now.  Revamped the page and hopefully i can get it up soon since i need to find a web hosting site.  Life's been hard and busy but i feel like am not accomplishing anything.  Hopefully i can see some progress soon.  My confidence is beginning to wane but hopefully something would change.  

Thought of the Day: why i am always listening to the opinions of others and don't take my own opinions seriously? am not that smart but i do have my own right to an opinion.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Just a design i did for my boy Jason Vita..a callobo we did together :D...I like working with talented people and you can check his site here. (shameless pluggin' hahaaha) 

Again i always like supporting artists that i think is mad kewl.. and this dude is MMMAAADDDD KEWWLLL...i have dealt with a lot of artists who think too highly of themselves cuz they successful ..or act like a douche(i've been guilty of that hahaha) cuz they think they are so hip... this dude is far from that.. so i thank him for keeping it real with me and reppin' my ish in the sunshine state.. thank you thank you.. a million times thank you...

Anytime you need something.. whether am busy or not.. just let me know.. i'll drop everything to get it done for you...Tinbox and Pillowbrand... Shoe design collabo? hahahahahahahahah

Thought of the day: i am fat and i need to get out of this house because they all keep saying am fat ahahahahaha.. i don't need to be reminded....